Låtar För Livet



There is a lot of people that has been effected negativly by this ongoing pandemic.

We would like to do something positive in all this misery, something that also contributes to bringing the type of music that we love and work with daily, into the light of the public. We’ll do this with focus on Sweden and Swedish songs.

All profit will be transfered in full, to Suicide Zero and their important work.

By doing this we’re hoping to help Suicide Zero continue their important work to drastically reduce the suicide rate in Sweden.


Everyone has probably struggled with mental health issues to some extent, and the problem is even bigger now, because of the ongoing pandemic. 

We are hoping that we can spread some light into peoples existence by doing what we do best.

Even better, all this is done as a nonprofit project. All profit generated will be transfered to Suicide Zero in full, to support their continued work.


Suicide Zero works to drastically reduce the suicide rate. Every year, about 800 000 people worldwide take their own lives. That is almost 2 200 every day. Behind the statistics are parents, siblings, children, neighbors, colleagues and friends. Each year, millions of people receive the news that someone they care about has taken their life. And many of these will be traumatized upon hearing the cause of death. At Suicide Zero, we do everything we can to raise awareness, spread knowledge and provide information about how suicides can be prevented.


We are an independent Music agency- and promoter, working with events, booking and management of artists mainly within the alternative metal-, hardcore- and rock scene.
High 5ive Music is based in Stockholm, Sweden and Vienna, Austria working mainly with artists in Scandinavia, Europe, UK and Asia.