Låtar För Livet



Song: Yeah Yeah Wow Wow by Martin Svensson
Genre: Skatepunk
Town: Stockholm
Members: Johan Malmborg, Linus von der Burg and Jimmy Brunkvist

Veterans on the pop-punk scene. According to themselves they actually only needed an excuse to meet up, hang out and play some music when they started the band, back in 2013. Now seven years has passed, three EP’s has been released and a whole bunch of gigs has passed. But if you ask them, Allt Faller is still only an excuse to meet up, hang out and play some pop-punk. One things for sure, if the song isn’t about memories, party or Stockholm, it isn’t one of Allt Faller’s songs.


This is what Allt Faller has to say about their song of choice, (Du är så) Yeah Yeah Wow Wow by Martin Svensson

We wanted a song that fills anyone that hears it, with joy. To find the perfect song we had to dig deep into our childhood. The one song everyone can sing along to and then laugh about the fact that they still know its lyrics. That’s why we chose (Du är så) Yeah Yeah Wow Wow by Martin Svensson.


Song: Svag by Victor Leksell
Genre: Metalcore
Town: Norrköping
Members: Joel Holmqvist

Originally formed in the metaltown of the swedish west coast. But, don’t let that fool you! The sound isn’t what you normally associate with Gothenburg. oundet är inte ett av de som Here we’re talking raw metalcore from a band that’s been praised as “one of the most promising next big metal acts of europe”. Today Aviana is based in Norrköping with Joel Holmqvist as frontman and vocalist. Aviana recently released there critical acclaimed album ‘Epicenter’ as a instrumental version, just to name something about their achievements.

This is what Aviana has to say about their song of choice, Svag by Victor Leksell

Despite the melancholy about he feeling fragile because of his love, this song is still both involving and catchy. There’s also  a huge recognition factor that can’t be ignored. This why the son felt like the perfect match for what I wanted to create in the context of the album.

With the help of producer Ludvig Ottosson we managed to create something way above my expectations and a version of this song that i know will delight both fans of pop and fans of metal.


Song: Din Tid Kommer by Håkan Hellström
Genre: Metalcore
Town: Stockholm
Members: Max Andrén, Benjamin Turesson, Oscar Järn, Alex Backman and Fabian Fagerberg

Melodic post-hardcore from Stockholm, at its best! Awake the Dreamer released their debut album 2019, an album met by fantastic reviews and followed by a European- and Chinese tour. Their hard drums and melodic guitar playing can only be described as a fantastic mix of Djent and metalcore, with verses and breakdowns that will make you leave with your jaw dropped!


This is what Awake The Dreamer has to say about their song of choice, Din Tid Kommer by Håkan Hellström

The song is a real pick me up! Everyone can feel low, unmotivated or even hopeless. Like if the future is dark and confusing. Music can be interpreted in many ways, but when we listen to ”Din Tid Kommer”, it gives us the feeling of never giving up. You will reach the top as long as you believe you can reach the top. Never give up, and your time will come. We think that this Is a powerful statement that fits well with the theme of the album.


Song: Brinner I Bröstet by Danny Saucedo
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Town: Göteborg
Members: David Johansson, Joseph Johansson, Gustav Alander and Linus Hernvall

A Åstol- and Gothenburg based metal band that joined forces back in 2005. Their sound is recognized as the famous and classic Gothenburg sound, with melodies easy to remember. The band has a long history of working with eminent artists. Artists like Bruce Kulick (KISS), Peter Dolving (The Haunted), Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates) and Anders Björler (The Haunted and At The Gates). Artists that in every level also influences the band.


This is what the band has to say about their song of choice, Brinner i Bröstet by Danny Saucedo

A fast sift through the fantastic swedish popsong treasure, and we had the song ‘Brinner i bröstet’ as our perfect match. The reason for our choice is the catchy sound and the impressive production.


Song: Svalkar vinden by Den Svenska Björnstammen
Genre: Pop Punk
Town: Stockholm
Members: Patrik Grubel, Pontus Duvefelt, William Hultman and Ludwig Lord

Dusty Miller is a newly composited band from Stockholm. But each one of the band members themselves has long experience from before. Dusty Miller gets their inspiration from the american pop-punk scene and foremost from bands like Knuckle Puck, Yellowcard and Mayday Parade. Their version of all this is a melodic pop-punk filled with axious lyrics and a spoon of vocal singing. They released their debute single in April 2020 and has since then released two more singled and a bunch of covers.


This is what Dusty Miller has to say about their song of choice, Svalkar Vinden by Den Svenska Björnstammen

”Svalkar Vinden” is a powerful combination of melancholy, hope and melodies that sticks with you. It’s a collection of properties that we felt would be a perfect fit in our genre and with the theme of the album. We would also like to add that we love the way Den Svenska Björnstammen works with melodies. It felt like the perfect match, to be honest.


Song: Forever Young by Thomas Stenström
Genre: Indie/Emo/pop
Town: Malmö
Members: Natanael Summer

Lakesides has, with his base in Malmö and the past one and a half years, set his longing after something unreal, to music. The solo-project that started as a acustic project in Natanael Summers home studio, in Lund, has developt into a full scale soundscape with floating melodies and atmospheric elements. He mixes his former experience from emo and metalcore with ambient, and with inspiration from indie and folk-music into something he himself describes as something new and striving.


This is what Lakesides has to say about their song of choice, Forever Young by Thomas Stenström 

It was the first song I could think of when I was asked to take part of the project. It’s a song that has kept me company through some of my worst days, and also some of my best days. It talks to me about hope, which is something I also wants to mediate with my version of the song.


Song: Lakan by New Kid
Genre: Metalcore
Town: Västerås
Members: Marcus Vik

Born and raised in Norberg, and is the frontman of the Texas-based  metalcore-band ’Invent Animate’. When not creating the “hard tones” he prefers to create music that he hopes will touch the soul of the listeners. This is when he is focused steering up deep atmospheric feelings with the listener. He does this by  using melodic settings among other things. Marcus is inspired by artists like Pvris, Apparat and Low Roar. 


This is what Marcus has to say about his song of choice, Lakan by Newkid:

When I found out I was offered a spot on this album I immediately felt the need to do something emotional. I started by looking through songs of my childhood but found nothing I felt could fit with my vision. Until I found the song Lakan by Newkid. A song and an artist I’ve never heard before. But I brought out similar emotions in the song, as the ones I was looking to bring out. So then and there I made my  choice.

I’ve had great help from the former bandmember and friend; Linus Korpi, making this cover.


Song: 5 Minuter by Veronica Maggio
Genre: Metal
Town: Malmö / Lund
Members: Nick Serlstedt, Ludvig Ottosson, Max Mauritsson and Daniel Lundgren

An alternative rock/metal-band from the swedish southern. From Lund. They’ve contributed to the alternative metal scene with a new fresh sound, with their mix of electronic/ambience elements together with metal.  They released their second album ’Through Fire All Things Are Renewed’ in August this year.


This is what Noija has to say about their song of choice 5 Minuter by Veronica Maggio

The reason to cover a song from Veronica Maggio is because we think it’s a perfect match with the album title. It doesn’t matter what feelings is most present, she always has a song to describe exactly that. Euphoria, anxiety, anger, joy – Maggio is there for you. The song ‘5 minuter’ is a song about sorrow and desperation. Something we as a band has approached before. Therefore it felt like a natural choice for us.


Song: Sand by Molly Sandén
Genre: Pop Punk
Town: Örebro
Members: Oskar Ögren, Filip Burman, Dennis Thunell Karabegovic, Martin Spåman and Felix Lindquist

A quintet from a historically central pop-punk ground – Örebro. From Örebro you’ll also find the world famous skate-punk band Millencolin. Those Without are striving to achieve a sound that combines harmonies and melodies from pop, with the raw intensity from punk.


This is what Those Without has to say about their song of choice, Sand by Molly Sandén

There was no alternatives for us. The lyrics of this song symbolizes a feeling of not being in control of your own life. Life is full of judgement and negative comments. For us, this song is about how we break free from all of the above. Even if there’s moments when you feel as fragile as a sculpture of sand, you can always rebuild yourself, stronger than ever.


Song: Bara Få Va Mig Själv by Laleh
Genre: Metalcore
Town: Stockholm
Members: Vincent Rylander, Kenny Silvergren, Ludvig Svensson and Thomas Östling

A young band from Stockholm. In 2019 they released their first EP with a sound they themselves describes as classic metalcore. A sound that feels like a face punch, with hard drums and rhythmic guitars. During 2020 they have used their free time in the footsteps of the pandemic, to lift their sound to new heights. From now on, we’ll see influences from 80s synth, in combination with dark undertones, low guitars and anxious- & emotional singing.


This is what Torments has to say about their song of choice, Bara Vara Mig Själv by Laleh

’Bara får vara mig själv’ is a song with lyrics that has had a huge impact on our lives. Apart from that the lyrics also touches some of the important things you need, to feel well, and to have a healthy own-worth. Something that’s easily lost in the shadow of evaluation, requirements and norms. We are very proud to present our interpretation of Lalehs song, and to put it into new light.